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Jiffy Envelopes

As Jiffy envelopes are the most popular and widely recognized brand of mailing envelope the world knows, you can be confident that these jiffy envelopes are tried and tested, protecting millions of products every day.

Jiffy envelopes are manufactured from the highest quality paper and bubble wrap, ensuring safe transportation of products. Being the market leader the jiffy envelope is superior to the many clones now on the market.

You know the brand and the reputation that jiffy envelopes hold in the market place. You now have peace of mind that you have a fast and reliable source to buy Jiffy envelopes at great prices, delivered throughout the Bangalore and India.


  • Outstanding Product Protection - Fully laminated gold kraft paper and bubble construction provides excellent cushioning stiffness and puncture resistance.
  • Saves Postages - Lightweight means reduce postage costs.
  • Save Labour - Convenient self-seal closure elimates the needs for staples, and tapes, and form a water-resistance and secure package
  • Easy Opening - Unique tear strip feature for quick and easy.
  • Quality Appearance - Attractive gold kraft paper presents a high quality image.

Advantages of Using Jiffy Envelops

All Bubbles Are Not Created Equal. The Difference Is In The Barrier!

All air cellular packaging material is made from polyethylene. However, polyethylene alone does not provide good air retention over time or under a weight load. That's why we use a co-extruded barrier that is 100 times more resistant to the passage of air that even a thick single layer of polyethylene.

  • Lightweight, space-saving design cuts freight costs compared to traditional wooden boxes.
  • Immensely strong, designed to withstand arduous transportation and extreme climatic differences.
  • Can carry up to 200kgs and withstand a pressure of several tonnes.
  • Ideal export case or air-freight container, simply folds out and locks together.
  • Generous quantity savings.

Suggested Applications

Drugs and Vitamins, Audio CDs, Jewelry, Photo Supplies, Catalogs Samples, Books, Dental and medical supplies, Watches, Picture Frames, Novelties, Video Cassettes, CD-ROMS

Sizes Available

Mailer Code Internal Size (mm) Qty Per Carton
A/000 110x160 200
B/000 120x210 200
C/0 150x210 100
D/1 180x260 100
E/2 220x260 100
F/3 220x330 100
G/4 240x330 100
H/5 270x360 100
J/6 300x440 50
K/7 350x490 50

Jiffy Envelopes - FAQs


Why would I choose a Jiffy Envelopes over a mail despatch bag?


There are a number of factors which may help in your decision.

The Jiffy Envelopes are more substantial than the despatch bags and are more suited to more fragile items. Bubble lined/padded bags offer more drop protection than polythene mail despatch bags. However, postal mailing bags do not offer the same level of tamper evidency as Jiffy Envelopes and they are not waterproof.


Are sizes given for each bag internal or external?


All sizes are internal sizes.


Can I have my own logo printed on the Jiffy Envelopes.


Yes you can have virtually anything printed on the Jiffy Envelopes however special sizes and prints etc. are subject to a minimum order quantity. For detail of minimum order quanitities and prices please contact our sales team.

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