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About Total Pack

Total Pack act as a one-stop-shop for total packaging solutions. It provides complete integrated packaging solutions, right from design to delivery. Catering to the specific needs of customers for packaging materials by constantly redefining cost-effective packaging options, is its tradition. With almost decade of experience in total packaging and significant investments, Total Pack has perfected its process to supply high quality packaging solutions on time and with budgets.

Quality Matters

Total Pack believes in performance and is committed to satisfying the high demands of its customers, while striving for all-round quality, right from the acquisition of packaging machines to technical customer service. It has adopted strict quality check of machines to ensure world-class products and also maintained long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers.

Marketing Innovation

In the single-minded pursuit of its vision, the Total Pack strives to offer total packaging solutions to its customers. This includes thorough understanding of customer requirements, in-house development of solutions and offering the customer cost-effective packaging solutions. We believe that before and after-sales service is a major determining factor when it comes to successor failure. Repeat orders come only from satisfied customers. We recommend the correct method and machinery to all our customers. Though Total Pack specializes in the supplying of a wide variety of packaging and converting machines, the crux of its expertise lies in its ability to respond to customer-specific requirements. At Total Pack, we follow a process of constant innovation to match our potential with customer’s specifications.

Future Outlook

Total Pack has been moving forward with the mission to bridge the emerging gaps in the world of packaging with the latest technology innovations. With this motto, it is planning to welcome the new decade and hopes to supply more innovation products.