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Twist Tie Machine

Use to close bags using metal twist tie or tape. The Twist Tie Machine is capable of tying up to 50 bags per minute, the superior design and compact size has made it perfect for all applications, including: bakery, food, candy and confectionery.

Bag Tapers tapes bags in one quick and swift motion with Self-Adhesive Colored Tape, for qualification purposes.

Apply paper or plastic-covered cable tie with ease and precision for secure, professional-looking products. Twist tie applicators offer years of stable, trouble-free operation – critical - given the intricacies of mechanized twist tie application, which leave most other brands in the dust. Some of the products packaged with twist tie machines include bakery, confectionary, coffee and tea, cable and tubing, snacks, spices, frozen foods, nuts and bolts, pet food, electronics, paper cups, parts kits, body care, toys, gifts, bundles, educational, and many other items.

Basic Features of the TWIST TIE APPLICATOR:

  • Produces uniform ties of superior quality and presentation while maintaining product freshness
  • Versatile – Capable of tying a wide variety of items
  • Economical – Reduces material waste and quickens the tying process
  • Reliable - Sturdy construction and advanced technology for years of trouble-free operation

Available Options:

  • Power: 220VAC
  • Printing Coder
  • Mounting Accessories

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Technical Specifications

Power AC220V/60HZ, AC220V/60HZ AC220V/60HZ, AC220V/60HZ,
Tying Speed 0.6 second each tie 0.6 second each tie 0.6 second each tie 0.6 second each tie
Tying diameter 5-30mm 15-45mm 20-55mm 40-80mm
Tying length adjustable adjustable adjustable adjustable
Tying coils adjustable adjustable adjustable adjustable
Machine size L445*W305*H465mm L480*W305*H465mm L480*W305*H465mm L720*W450*H610mm
Weight Net weight: 12kgs Net weight: 28kgs Net weight: 28kgs Net weight: 32kgs