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Climate Control Packaging System

Every year millions of dollars are lost due to Corrosion and Rusting of Material and cargo during transportation and shipment. Metal cargoes reach the destination rusted or oxidized due to moisture and humidity in the atmosphere.

One of major cause of corrosion is existence of moisture and humidity. During transportation of goods presence of humidity takes place because of temperature difference. Change in temperature may be due to the following reasons:

  • When cargo is loaded in cool atmosphere and then shipped across the equator having different climate zones.
  • When a container cools down in night after moving during hot day in the sun.
  • Different in temperature may also take place due to different in temperature between different parts of cargo.

Effect of Temperature on Humidity

There is maximum amount of moisture that air at a particular temperature can withhold. If the level of moisture increased beyond this level, its (increased level) will be condensed as a fog of tiny droplets which will either float in the surrounding level or settle as dew on nearby cold surface.

It is the proven scientific fact that warm and hot air has ability to hold more moisture than the cold air. Thus, when warm air cools down it becomes more humid and if there is considerable drop in temperature, condensation will occur which will result into corrosion.

Relative Humidity (RH)

To what extent the air is humid depends on its Relative Humidity which is called "RH".

RH is the percentage of moisture held in the air. Totally dry air has RH of 0% and maximum humid air has RH of 100%. By and large there will be no damage to cargo if RH is less than 60 to 70%.

To protect the material from corrosion and rust, it is, therefore, necessary to see that cargo is properly protected by using moisture barrier packaging material so that RH of the air is not more than 70% so as not to cause any harm to the material.

Protection of Material against Moisture Damage

The environment of the metal product should be controlled by packing the same in moisture barrier poly Bags. Once the material is enclosed in the sealed bag, little moisture can penetrate inside the bag there by giving protection to the material.

The moisture barrier property of the Bags will depend upon what type of material is used. In other words type of material used in manufacturing the bag and its thickness will be important criteria to the control the level of moisture.

Keeping the material inside moisture barrier bags will provide protection to the material from corrosion from humidity. However, apart from humidity, there are several other chemicals in the atmosphere like acids, salts and sulphur, presence of which cause corrosion .

Ultimate Packaging Solution for Protection from Corrosion

There are Various Options Available for Corrosion Protection like use of oil & grease, VCI Paper and VCI Poly Material. Each option has its own merits and demerits.

Use of Moisture barrier Bags is another effective option for protection of metal. However such Bags are effective for moisture alone which is present in the atmosphere. It does not give protection if chemicals like acids, salts and sulpha are present in the air.

The ultimate packaging solution is to use VCI Poly Bags having moisture barrier properties which have been developed by us and manufactured by using state of art technology.

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