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Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine

The Total Pack Stretch Wrapping Machine, Model: COILWRAP-1044 is a machine uniquely designed and built with state-of-the-art technology. The machine offers various controls for wrapping the stretch film and jute / paper roll at desired wrap tension and for wrapping different wrap configurations. The machine is designed for continuous operation and is rigid & sturdy. The machine is designed with an emphasis of functionality, reliability and ease of operation.

Coil wrapper wraps the coil shaped products in a spiral manner through eye of the product. This is a means of applying stretch film to a load consisting of stretch rollers supported on a vertical ring. It has a means of passing a load through ring's eye horizontally.

The product rests on the rollers of the table and stretch of the film is achieved by the stretch rollers in the wrapping ring. The Coil wrapper machine wraps and protects the product from dirt, dust and humidity during transport and storage.

Total Pack through eye wrapping machine is an advanced wrapping machine, where the wrapping is done for coils, via the through eye wrapping. The machine is designed with an emphasis of functionality, reliability and ease of hydraulic hose coiling plant.

Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine Features

  • Fully Automatic Machine.
  • Heavy duty turn table for all industrial applications.
  • Sturdy mast and machined guide ways for guiding the stretch unit.
  • Compact stretch unit with change gears to vary stretch percentage.
  • Suitable for a wide range of stretch film material.
  • Modular in construction.

Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine Specifications


  • Inner diameter: Min. 400mm
  • Outside diameter: Max. 1400mm; Min. 650mm
  • Height: Max. 400mm; Min. 270mm
  • Weight / pallet: Max. 250 kg

Turn Table

  • Table height: 935mm
  • Max. roller speed: 40 rpm
  • Max. ring speed: 60 rpm
  • Power required: 415V, Three phase , 50 Hz
  • Installed power: 1.86 kW / 2.5 HP

Film Details

  • Material: LLDPE - Stretch film / HDPE - Woven sacks
  • Film width: 200 mm
  • Film thickness: 15-40 µ (30µ recommeded)
  • Core diameter: 50.8mm or 76.2mm
  • Maximum film diameter: 220 mm
  • Number of Packing rolls: 2


This machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer 'return to base' warranty. In the event of a breakdown (which is extremely rare), simply send the machine to us and we will repair and send back to you.

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