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Black Duct Tape / Gaffer Tape

Our strong, multi-purpose black duct tape, also known as gaffer tape, is made from cloth coated with polyethylene. You’ll find our black gaffer tape is invaluable for a wide range of applications, especially where a heavy duty packing tape is needed, because it has a top quality natural rubber adhesive and conforms well to irregular surfaces.

Our black duct tape is easy to use as you can tear it with your hands evenly across the web of the cloth tape, yet it is extremely tough. It is also dust and water resistant provided that you stick it on a dry surface.

Our black duct tape has many applications aside from packaging tape. Cloth tape can be used for marking floors, for colour-coding or in set construction.

With super-strength and durability, our black gaffer tape has a host of other functions. Thanks to its premium adhesive, it is perfect for vinyl repairs – even mending bus seats – as well as splicing, bundling, anchoring and protecting electrical cabling. Being black duct tape is the mainstay of sound and lighting crews on film sets.

Coated with polyethylene, our cloth adhesive tape is ideal for sealing products and as a packing tape for shipments and packages. With the black cloth tape conforming to all shapes, it can be torn straight across the grain and applied by hand, making it easy to use.

Our heavy duty gaffer tape comes in a 50m roll of 50mm. Buy our duct tape and you’ll appreciate its high standard and flexibility of use.

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