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Plastic Crates & Storage Bins

We offer the perfect range of plastic storage crates & plastic pick bins to help you keep all your small items orgainsed and tidy, take a look at our Linbin range or tote boxes. Alot of our plastic containers can be nested or wall hung for example with lourve panels. We even have picking bins on trolleys if you need to be mobile. Need Euro bins... Storage Direct have you covered with our range of solid, ventilated and stackable bins. We have general storage crates which are idea for the home, office or store room, all available online 24/7.

Plastic crates and bins offer an easy way to store a whole variety of products and equipment. From louvered containers that attach to panels on walls and racking, to stackable plastic crates that help you save on space, here’s a great way to organise your warehouse or storeroom. Whatever you decide, our packaging experts are here to help you find the right packaging solution, and arrange next day delivery.

There’s a whole variety of colours available too. So you could choose to colour code your storage bins and make it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for. And because Total Pack also stock a selection of louvred panels and dividers, you can create your own customised storage solutions, tailored to your warehouse and your products.

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Plastic Crates in Bangalore
Plastic Crates & Storage Bins

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Plastic Crates & Storage Bins

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Plastic Crates & Storage Bins

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Plastic Crates & Storage Bins

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Plastic Crates & Storage Bins

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