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Protective Foam Packaging

Total Pack provides unique customized cushioning properties. It is very versatile because it “molds” around the product being packaged. The insert is actually made from chemicals injected into a high density polyethylene bag. Once mixed together, they begin to foam up, expanding to surround the item and fill the outer container.

Foam in place is an ideal material for companies shipping many different configurations of fragile products . It fills the space fully with a customized cushion that molds itself around the product it is protecting – sharp edges, corners, odd shapes, and all. The product is securely seated in a pocket of protection.

Total Pack technology offers the highest degree of product protection available. It allows operators to work smarter and more simply for maximum productivity while reducing or eliminating damage expenses. And its small footprint maximizes space and cost efficiency, as well as increases consumer confidence.

If you’re constantly trying to manage consumable usage, frustrated by unexpected equipment downtime, or annoyed about having to wait days for a technician, you’re not alone. The fact is that equipment is supposed to help make packaging easier, safer, more efficient, and keep your facility more productive.

What is Foam in Place Packaging?

Today, the most cost-effective and time-efficient foam in place technologies are designed with the operator in mind, by simplifying the packaging process, reduce costs, and increasing productivity. Our foam in place products are “smarter” than the competition. The products we carry have the high quality foam protective packaging product of FOAMplus by Storo Pack, but are enhanced with the intelligence factor of Total Pack. Described as “Foam in Place Systems with a high IQ,” separating itself from the mold by providing an innovative telemetry and bar-coding system.

These Technologies include ways to:

  • Better manage costs associated with consumables.
  • Avoid downtime due to equipment malfunctions.
  • Operate the unit quickly, easily, and by any employee, not just highly trained ones.
  • Know that every package going out the door has the right level of protection.
  • Use new, state-of-the-art equipment without a huge capital expenditure.

As basic as it might sound, these weren’t really a possibility until recently. Many facilities were using 20th century technology to package 21st century products because they were trying to avoid spending extra capital on upgrading their packaging.

Foam in Place is a Trusted Packaging Technology

Our Foam in place systems feature the most cost-effective, time-efficient foam-in place packaging. technology in the industry. Only solutions offer the advantages of Foam in place with our 5 Degrees of Separation from the competition.

Offering the Following Benefits:

  • Highest degree of product protection available.
  • Work simpler and smarter for maximum productivity.
  • Reduce or eliminate damage expense.
  • Maximize space and cost efficiency.
  • Increase consumer confidence.

Don't Let Damaged Goods Hurt Your Relationship

Do you know the fact of the matter is that nearly 10% of all packages shipped are damaged during transit. And, of those damaged packages, approximately 5% have product damage?

Damage affects the customer. The buying experience dramatically improves when they open the package to discover products exactly as they are expected to appear.

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