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Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves provide a brilliant solution for shaped containers.

As an alternative to direct print and in-mould-labelling they can offer improvements to economy, efficiency and environmental performance.

They can be more durable than self adhesive labels, making them an obvious choice when a product must last despite exposure to UV light, chemicals, water and abrasives.

Some of the benefits of shrink sleeves from Shrink Pack include: print quality, low minimum order quantity compared with other suppliers, speed to market, economical R&D through 3D and computerised models.

Uses for Shrink Sleeves

Decorative Sleeves. Printed shrink sleeves give full 360º graphics on a skintight membrane which hugs every contour of a product container. Guaranteed to make your product stand out on the shelf. Promotional Sleeves, Shrink sleeves are an excellent way to present promotional packs. Shrink Sleeves can accommodate most awkward shapes and different sized articles. Especially useful for ‘Buy One Get One Free’, multipacks and similar promotions.

Tamper Evident Sleeves. Because shrink sleeves fit tightly to any container they are an ideal method to ensure products are protected providing reassurance to you and your customers.

What Shrink Sleeves are made of

We supply shrink sleeves, cut bands and preforms in a number of materials and grades:

PVC – The most popular choice because of its good shrink capability, and usually the most cost-effective. Available in standard, high-shrink and pasteurisable grades. We offer 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 micron

PET – This material offers the best ‘scuff resistance’ and also the highest percentage of shrink. It is pasteurisable and easily recycled.

PLA– Made from polylactic acid and completely biodegradable. The film choice for environmentally aware customers. For the more environmentally aware.

Shrink Sleeve Print Choices

Gravure printing provides the highest quality of print with the ability to print up to 9 stunning colours. Special effects can be created using metallic, luminescent, thermochromic and photochromic inks.

Flexo and UV Flexo printing offers high quality print with lower origination costs and is particularly suited for short run and multi-variant work.

Graphic design

If required, Viscose Closures can take over the graphic design for your product and provide a complete pre-press service including digitally printed samples prior to going to print. Alternatively we are always happy to work with your designers and can pre-distort any supplied artwork if necessary.

Sleeving formats

Sleeving or bands can be produced on a reel for automatic application or as pre-cut sleeves / bands or preformed bands for hand application. Preforms are cut bands which have been formed into a shape by shrinking them on to a mould. Preforms make it easier for production workers to apply sleeves by hand and to obtain a superior finish. Products are suitable for hand or machine applications. These products need heat to shrink either by a heat tunnel or gun. It is common to pre-distort the print deisgn so it will assume the correct proportions after shrinking has taken place. Viscose can pre-distort artwork supplied by its customers, or offer suggestions based on your brand.

Single or multiple lines of perforations can be introduced either vertically or horizontally to make sleeves easier to remove or more susceptible to damage if tampered with.

Coloured, printed, holographic tear strips can be affixed to the sleeving / cutbands or preforms in a vertical orientation and can be used in combination with perforations to provide an effective easy-open feature to the pack. Plain colours, metallic colours and holographic designs are available.


Sleeves / cutbands and preforms need heat to shrink. It is usual to pass the container with its sleeve / cutband or preform through a hot-air / steam tunnel to achieve this shrinkage. It is common to pre-distort the print design so it will assume its correct proportions after shrinking has taken place. Viscose is able to pre-distort artwork supplied by its customers.

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