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Strapping Rolls & Accessories

When you’re transporting your products on the road or putting them into storage, you want reassurance that the strapping you use, won’t let you down. Not only does our strapping come with a quality guarantee, but our in-house packaging experts will help you get the best product for every purpose – so you can secure every product and pallet, with confidence.

You can get everything you need to strap and secure pallets at Total Pack, including polypropylene strapping for pallet loads, and steel, plastic or extruded polyester strapping for heavy duty ones. So whether you’re packaging products for storage or shipping, you can get the right product for the job. And because our collection includes both hand and machine strapping, you can choose the system that best suits your business. Total Pack also stocks a range of strapping tools and tensioners to help you increase productivity and save time.

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Polypropylene Strapping
Strapping Rolls & Accessories


PP Strap
PP Strapping Tools
PP Strapping Dispenser

Polyester Strapping
Strapping Rolls & Accessories


PET Strap
PET Strapping Tools
PET Strap Dispenser

Corded Strapping
Strapping Rolls & Accessories


Cord Strap
Cord Strap Buckles
Cord Strapping Tools

Steel Strapping
Strapping Rolls & Accessories


Steel Strap
Steel Strapping Tools
Steel Strapping Dispenser