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Euro Pallets

Global economic structural changes always pose new challenges for the logistics industry. In view of both the automation of material flows and globalisation of commodity flows, all means of transportation, such as the EPAL-pallet, must meet ever-increasing expectations. This in turn requires stricter quality controls. EPAL guarantees the highest quality standard for EPAL-pallets throughout the world.

EPAL (the European Pallet Association) was founded in 1991 to work with the European Railways to maintain a European-wide quality assurance and inspection standard for the EURO pallet.

How deos the system work?

EURO-pallets produced by EPAL licensed manufacturers are inspected under strict quality procedures, at regular intervals.

All EPAL-controlled wooden pallets are marked with a quality control staple bearing the EPAL quality mark. Repaired EURO-pallets are certified with an EPAL repair marking nail.

Based on standardised quality-assured EURO pallets, the ”EPAL-System“ is a cross-sector open pallet exchange pool.

On the basis of quality criteria given by EPAL and the UIC, partners agree upon the most suitable exchange basis for their circumstances: “pallet for pallet”, pallet accounts for future settlement, etc.

Advantages of Euro Pallets

  • Safer transport - your goods arrive safely
  • Stable storage - stable storage of your goods is guaranteed
  • Optimum operational safety - you work in a safer environment.


EURO-pallets bearing the EPAL quality mark, certifying they have been inspected by EPAL, offers global safety.

Only quality inspected EURO-pallets guarantee smooth material flow – anywhere. Either within your business or internationally – in transport and storage.

Load Bearing Capacity

The EUR-flat pallet is designed to withstand the following loads when stacked on a shelf or on the fork of a fork-lift truck:

  • 1000 kg, (nominal load), if the load is distributed randomly across the surface of the pallet.
  • 1500 kg, if the load is evenly distributed across the surface of the pallet.
  • 2000 kg, if the load is compact and evenly distributed across the whole surface of the pallet.
  • When stacked, the lower pallet must withstand a maximum additional load of 4 000 kg, if it is resting on a flat, horizontal and rigid surface and if the load is exerted horizontally and across the whole surface of the pallet

Wood Moisture Content

The moisture content shall not exceed 22% of the weight of the wood in an anhydrous state (dried weight). Should the moisture content be less, the shrinkage values as per UIC 435-2 are relevant. A moisture content between 22 and 26 % is considered as a minor defect during a quality inspection.


  • Since 1st January 2010, all new EPAL/ EUR-pallets have generally been treated as per ISPM 15.
  • ISPM 15 treated EUR-pallets are marked on both central blocks of the longitudinal side. 
  • The ISPM 15 marking can also be placed on both central blocks of the 800 mm side.
  • Please note that a treatment of EUR-pallets with methyl bromide (MB) is not permitted.

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