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Floor Marking Tapes

Made from durable, water-resistant vinyl, this self-adhesive hazard tape is easy to apply and strong enough to prevent lifting, yet also quick to remove when required. This makes it a perfect floor marking tape for both indoors and outdoors. A universal warning for danger, the highly visible yellow and black stripes.

Hazard warning tape is essential to keep at hand in retail outlets, warehouses, offices, schools, hospitals and other crowded or public areas. Safety tape is ideal for identifying dangerous stairs, slippery aisles or hazardous objects.

Hazard warning tape is a convenient and inexpensive means to signal quickly a physical hazard, especially in work areas and construction industries. This black and yellow vinyl tape is tough and durable so can be used as a safety floor tape or as a warning to mark pinch points on machinery. Other applications include as an aisle marking tape or to mark direction signs, pedestrian pathways and car parking areas. It is an ideal lane marking tape.

The black and yellow of hazard warning tape is widely recognised and used for law enforcement and general safety. The self-adhesive tape sticks well to dry surfaces but is easily removed when appropriate. This hazard tape also works well on dangerous equipment or hazardous objects, and is an excellent warning tape to point out unsafe steps or precarious brickwork. It is therefore vital to have a roll of hazard tape in case of need at any place of work or business.


Colour Width mm Length m Micron Rolls / Pack
Yellow 50 33 170 6
White 50 33 170 6
Black / Yellow 50 33 170 6
Red / White 50 33 170 6

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