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Vacuum Packing Services

Our vacuum packing services will ensure your products are packaged and presented at their best. A durable and cost effective solution to add great value to our contract packaging services.

You can take advantage of the benefits of vacuum-packing without the need to purchase a machine with our vacuum-packing service.

We can pack a wide variey of items for your business using our in-house vacuum packing machines.

Items such as:

  • Fresh Meat, Poultry and Fish
  • Vegetables, Fruit and Cheese
  • Pharmaceuticals, Medical and Chemical Products
  • Electronic Components and Mechanical Parts
  • Money and Documents
  • Industrial Products

Enjoy the Benefits of Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging is an efficient way to extend the shelf life of food products and to protect both food and non-food products against external elements. Besides, it is a must for sous-vide cooking. Enjoy the benefits!

Principle of Vacuum Technology

Because air is removed, oxygen is also being extracted from the vacuum chamber. This is how aerobic micro-organisms in food products spoil the food. The principle of vacuum technology is rather easy. The vacuum bag that contains the product is positioned in the vacuum chamber. The open side of the bag lies over the seal bar. Once the lid is being closed, the vacuum packaging machine automatically carries out the vacuum process that has four phases.

Phases of the Vacuum Cycle

  • Extracting air from the vacuum chamber
  • Gas injection (optional)
  • Sealing
  • Aerating (Soft Air)


The first phase of the vacuum packing cycle is extracting air from the product, the bag and the chamber. As soon as the desired amount of air is removed, the vacuum pack machine automatically proceeds with the next phase.

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