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Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine 100 ml

Pack Bazaar line of compact VFFS systems create sachets out of roll stock, measure and insert a desired quantity of product into each sachet, and seal in the contents for a consistent and professional-looking product. These systems are used by the food, chemical, pet, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing sectors to package a wide variety of products. Users benefit from the increased production capacity, the dependability and ease to use, the reduced operational and material costs, the uniformity and professional appearance of their packages, and the compact all-in-one design.

Basic Features of the Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine 100 ml:

  • Complete liquid packaging system composed of an automatic VFFS bagger, integrated pneumatic piston filling system, and integrated printing coder
  • Forms strong, great looking packages, using inexpensive printed and non-printed roll stock bagging materials
  • Capable of handling low-viscosity liquids such as soy sauce and light pastes such as hand moisturizers
  • Prints information such as Dates and product types directly onto the bag (when equipped with an optional coder)

Machine Characteristics:

  • Bag Format: Four seal sachets
  • Material Type: Polypropylene and laminations
  • Machine Speed: 30 -60 bpm (depending on fill volume, product viscosity, and foaming characteristics)
  • Bag width: 30 mm -150 mm ( 1"3/16 - 5" 7/8 )
  • Bag length: 80 -220 mm (3" 1/8 x 8" 5/8)
  • Includes Bag Former for one bag width. Please contact us for available size.
  • Equipped with high accuracy pneumatic piston filling system
  • Equipped with hot stamping coder (3 lines, 16 characters per line)
  • Capable of measuring and dispensing low (ie.water) to medium viscosity (ie. moisturizer) liquids and pastes
  • Adjustable fill range: 20 – 100 ml (0.6 - 3.3 US oz)
  • Powerful rotary valve system capable of cutting through semi-solid particles
  • Quick disconnect fittings
  • Equipped with SIEMENS Brand PLC
  • AIRTEC Brand pneumatic components
  • HMI with alphanumeric display and membrane type keyboard
  • Equipped with photoelectric sensor and film centering system for printed materials
  • Vertical seal system and stock film traction driven by stepper motor
  • Horizontal/ Vertical seal temperature controlled through digital temperature controllers

Other Specifications:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy access design to all machine systems
  • Includes air pressure regulator and water separator
  • Equipped with casters
  • Electrical: 220VAC/60 Hz
  • Machine Size: W 990 mm x L 889 mm x H 1905 mm(39" x 35" x 75")
  • Machine Weight: 584 lbs / 264 kgs
  • Machine box size: W 1143 mm x L 914 mm x H 1955 mm (45" x 36" x 77"))
  • Includes recommended spare parts kit

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