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EPE Foam Roll

Our EPE foam rolls offer a lightweight, tough and compact packing solution for wrapping delicate items for transit and storage. The clean, lightweight foam rolls are moisture resistant, non-abrasive and provide the ideal protection to sensitive and delicate surfaces.

Available in various thicknesses and lengths, our cost-efficient packing foam roll is easy-tear for convenience and minimal waste. Strong yet flexible, the foam packaging folds easily and is ideal for interleaving, such as when packing china or books.

Designed especially to shield your goods from scratches, bumps and knocks, our space-efficient packaging foam rolls also protects from moisture, dirt and dust.

You will not be disappointed with our foam rolls packaging when you use it to ensure your items don’t get scratched or damaged. Cut or tear off the required amount to give you foam packaging sheets which make the perfect shock-absorbing cushioning for your goods thanks to their millions of tiny air-filled cells.

The packing foam rolls are extremely flexible and conform to the shape of your products, shape, safeguarding them from damage while cutting your postage costs.

Use our versatile foam packaging solution to protect the surface of wood, glass and china. Compact and lightweight, it conforms easily to the shape of the product and is available in foam rolls of 12 different lengths (35 meters to 400 meters) and we have twelve thicknesses (1mm to 12mm).

No need for a bulky and messy foam packaging system! Our foam rolls are easy to handle with their space efficient and easy-tear features. With its versatility and strength, this is a cost-effective packing solution with superior cushioning and protective qualities.

Silent Features

  • EPE foam material has the good cushioning and protective effect.
  • Wonderful shock Absorption.
  • EPE foam sheet has shockproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, the earthquake resistance ability.
  • High quality and competitive price.
  • Best service to you and delivery on time.
  • Colors and sizes: It is white usually, other colors and sizes can be ordered according to customer's requirment.
  • It is an ideal substitute of traditional packaging materials.
  • Used as packing lining of electronic and other fragile, high-grade products during conveyance.
  • Abrasion Resistant.
  • Light Weight
  • Good appearance.
  • Chemically inert.
  • Non-Toxic, Hygienic and Fungal resist.

EPE Foam Roll Applications

Used as a protective packaging by

Electronic / Electrical Based

Computer, X-ray Equipments and X-ray Films, Electronic Equipments and Components, Electrical Application and Components, Audio / Video Equipments

Fragile Based

Marble, Granites and Tiles, Glass and Glass wares

Engineering Industries

Automobiles, Handicrafts, Garments Industry, Home Appliances, Life Saving Jackets, Expansion Joint Fillers, Water Proofing of Teracces/Roofs, AC Insulation Pads, Carpet Underlay

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