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EPE Foam Sheets

An extremely resilient closed cell, non-crosslinked foam designed to absorb the knocks and scuffs that threaten your products during transit. CFC and HCFC free.

Our standard foam sheets are non-abrasive, non-corrosive and moisture resistant, lightweight and flexible therefore providing maximum protection for your product.

Because this versatile foam is lightweight and extremely flexible, the packaging of your products becomes a much simpler and speedier process, saving you time and money. All this, plus, our products will reach their destination in a clean, neat package, undamaged and completely dust free!

These lightweight, easy to cut, flat sheets are the perfect protective barrier inbetween delicate or fragile items during transit and are available in numerous sheet sizes from 13mm - 100mm sheet thickness.


  • Recyclability / CFC free
  • Cushioning
  • Sound absorption
  • Flexibility
  • Dimensional stability
  • Durability
  • Uniform cell structure
  • Shatter Proof
  • Tear / puncture-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Impact / shock / vibration absorption
  • Excellent compressive creep properties
  • Cost/labor efficient
  • Bacteria / chemical / greas / mold / oil / solvent-resistance
  • High load bearing capacity customer made are available.

Specifications and Benefits

  • Sheet size: 1400 x 2000 mm. The extra wide material maximises yields during fabrication
  • Available in a range of thicknesses: 1 mm to 100 mm
  • Density: Designed to provide high performance cushioning protection
  • Colours: The standard colour is white, also available in black, blue and pink anti-static (please note that black, blue and pink are only available in certain thicknesses)
  • High performance cushioning: Provides better protection using less material than many alternative packaging solutions.
  • Reduced packaging costs: Less foam results in smaller packs. This, in turn, reduces material and transport costs as well as storage expenses.
  • Very resilient: Quick recovery from multiple compressions and impacts make it ideal for use in returnable material handling systems.
  • CFC and HCFC free: Manufactured by a totally CFC and HCFC free process.

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