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Kraft Paper Slip Sheets

Kraft paper slip sheets allow you to quickly load and efficiently transport products without the need for pallets. Available in a range of kraft paper or solid board grades, paper slip sheets are designed to meet the physical requirements of your production environment and the supply chain.

Barrier coatings can also be applied such as anti-slip and moisture resistant coatings. 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource, our kraft paper slip sheets are an environmentally friendly alternative to wooden pallets. They also provide a solution to International export restrictions that cover the use of wooden pallets such as ISPM15 (International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures).

Significantly lighter than wooden pallets, slip sheets not only reduce your shipping costs but also your carbon emissions. As they weigh less, they can be easily handled and lifted by one person, reducing injuries and back pain.


  • Available in a range of corrugated cardboard or solid board grades
  • Made bespoke to your exact size and performance requirements
  • Anti-slip coating available, allowing products to be safely shipped between 30 to 45 degrees.
  • Moisture resistant coating available, allowing use in damp conditions
  • Approved for use in hygienically demanding environments
  • Roller forks available


  • Reduction in carbon emissions due to lighter weight
  • Reduction in shipping costs due to lighter weight
  • Safer than wooden pallets – no nails, splinters or broken boards that could cause damage
  • Cleaner than wood pallets – free from insects or mould
  • Compliant with ISPM 15 regulations restricting the use of timber in international trade
  • Eliminates any secondary costs incurred by using wooden pallets


  • Electronics
  • Tobacco
  • Other consumer goods
  • Chemicals
  • Automotive
  • Other industrial goods

Many companies across the world are saving considerable amounts of money by using paper slip sheets. By converting suppliers from shipping on wooden pallets to shipping on slip sheets some companies are capable of reducing their packaging and transportation costs by over a million dollars annually.

Kraft paper slip sheets cost less than pallets; weigh less, saving transport costs; and are only a fraction the thickness of pallets, thus increasing space and improving the efficiency of truck loading. These companies can then reuse the slip sheets when distributing goods to their own customers.

Cargo Handling with Plastic Slip Sheets

1. Extend the pusher plate so that the slip-sheet lip fits into the gripper opening. Slip and Slide Plastic Sheet
2. Retract the pusher plate. The gripper bar will automatically clamp the slip-sheet lip. Pallet Slip Sheet
3. Move forward slowly as the load is pulled onto the platens. Recyclable Plastic Slip Sheet
4. Raise and tilt mast back and move cargo. Reverse steps to push load off platens. Slip Sheets

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