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Plastic Slip Sheets

Plastic Slip Sheets, from Total Pack, replace wood pallets or corrugated slip sheets to reduce packaging costs, prevent product damage, maximize warehouse space, optimize truck capacities and reduce freight costs.

These cost-efficient, hygienic plastic slip sheets are placed beneath product loads to minimize the product damage that can occur in warehousing. With load capacities of up to 2 ton, these sheets have one to four tabs that run the length of the sheet. These tabs bend to create easy-tograsp edges that are “pulled” by a push/pull device.

Total Pack Plastic Slip Sheets can be used with or without pallets.When used with a pallet, they act as vapor barriers. Or, loads can be built directly on the sheet without a pallet and moved by a forklift equipped with a push/pull device. Slip sheets are available in custom footprints and a wide range of thicknesses from 0.020” to 0.200” (0.64mm to 5.08mm) with rounded, square or butterfly tabs for easy handling.

  • Reduces packaging costs
  • Maximizes warehouse space
  • Protects product with resistance to damage, water, bacteria and weather
  • Reduces transportation costs
  • Reduces worker strain
  • Provides a hygienic solution

When used with a push/pull device, Total Pack Plastic Slip Sheets create a low-weight shipping and warehousing alternative. As pictured, the push/pull device (attached to the forklift) grips the edge of the sheet and pulls the load onto a solid plate.When unloading, the fork truck uses a pantograph mechanism to slide the slip sheet off the plate.


Grocery / food, meat, produce, etc. electronics & consumer goods.


  • Cheaper than pallets
  • No maintenance
  • Lower handling costs
  • Reduced loading/unloading time
  • Eliminate wooden pallet certification
  • Higher tensile strength (pull resistance)
  • Easy to make custom sizes
  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Low replacement cost
  • Maximise Warehouse Space
  • Eliminates need for pallet exchange
  • Minimal weight
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • More room to ship goods
  • High COF non-slip surface

Cargo Handling with Plastic Slip Sheets

1. Extend the pusher plate so that the slip-sheet lip fits into the gripper opening. Slip and Slide Plastic Sheet
2. Retract the pusher plate. The gripper bar will automatically clamp the slip-sheet lip. Pallet Slip Sheet
3. Move forward slowly as the load is pulled onto the platens. Recyclable Plastic Slip Sheet
4. Raise and tilt mast back and move cargo. Reverse steps to push load off platens. Slip Sheets

Why Use Plastic Slip Sheets

Many companies across the world are saving considerable amounts of money by using plastic slip sheets. By converting suppliers from shipping on wooden pallets to shipping on slip sheets some companies are capable of reducing their packaging and transportation costs by over a million dollars annually. Plastic Slip Sheets cost less than pallets, weigh less, saving transport costs, and are only a fraction the thickness of pallets, thus increasing space and improving the efficiency of truck loading. These companies can then reuse the slipsheets when distributing goods to their own customers.

Difference Between Plastic Slip Sheet and Pallets

Specifications Plastic Slip Sheets Pallets
Thickness/Height 1 mm 150 mm
Weight 2 kg 20 kg
Size Various 1100 mm x 1100 mm
Re-Usable Yes Yes
Recyclable Yes Only Plastic
Maintenance None Ongoing
Storage Requirement Minimal Storage Significant Space
Hygiene No Issue Wood Must Be Treated

Typical Plastic Slip Sheet Sizes

Description Thickness Size
Plastic Slip Sheet 0.6 mm 1220 x 1092 mm
Plastic Slip Sheet 0.6 mm 1245 x 1092 mm
Plastic Slip Sheet 0.6 mm 1250 x 1100 mm
Plastic Slip Sheet 0.6 mm 1200 x 900 mm

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