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Moisture Resistant Angle Board

Do you wish to store food in refrigerated warehouses or building materials outdoors? With our moisture-resistant angle edge protectors it is no problem at all. We have oriented ourselves at your needs and made our angular edge protectors moisture-resistant by using special paper grades and adhesives.

With your decision in favour of our moisture-resistant angle edge protectors you are setting an example for the environment as this type is also 100 % recyclable.

Provides The Goods With Protection Against Damage

Angle cardboard edge protectors (called also edge protectors or angle boards or corner boards) protect against potential damage caused in the course of loading and transportation, thus preventing any unnecessary damage-related costs.


When product containers are cubed-off, that is, configured on a pallet, corner boards stretched across the top edges all around will keep the stack configured as a column. The weight of the load and the pallet plus the number of pallets to be stacked would decide the caliper of the corner board.


Angle Boards at the vertical edges permit layers of stacks depending on the weight of the product, the weight of the pallet, and the means to secure the corner boards; that is, whether or not they are secured by sheet wrap or strapping. All these factors and the number of pallets stacked determine the size and strength of the corner board.

Internal Support

Angle Boards support containers at the inside corners. These supports reduce the amount of corrugation in the boxing material.

Strap Protection

Cables and strapping are used to keep stacks secure and in place. Ironically, the tension used can damage the containers they mean to protect. Placement of corner boards at vertical and horizontal edges accept and redistribute that tension and pressure.

Edge Protection

Angle Boards are placed to repel and absorb impact at vertical container edges. These protectors will also protect the horizontal edges of individual or stacked products. And, they will protect against forklift damage if placed on bottom edges.


Continuously punched and thus particularly flexible: that characterises our notched edge protector. With it you can safely protect round or arched edges against damage in transit.

Find Dozens Of Benefits With Angleboard, Including

  • Cushions package edges against hard knocks.
  • Improves stacking strength. Saves space. Stacks loads higher during storage and transportation.
  • Protects loads against stretch wrap and strap indentation.
  • Provides an opportunity to use less stretch wrap or fewer straps, reducing overall packaging cost.
  • Replaces expensive wood as in creates and skid tops.
  • Available in standard leg lengths and thicknesses or can be custom made.
  • Facilities higher applied tension for superior load stability.

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